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Key Issues

Fix Our  Infrastructure

Our community is all too familiar with potholes, traffic congestion and unsafe roads and bridges. I will work jointly with state and local leaders to find solutions to these challenges that don’t burden taxpayers.

Keep People Safe

Local law enforcement and first responders must be fully funded.

Protect Taxpayers

Greenville County needs a taxpayer watchdog on Council. With a watchful eye for wasteful spending, we can improve quality of life without further tax increases.

Get Things Done

Past infighting on Council has put our county at risk and reversed progress for local residents. It is time for new leadership that works hard with others to get things done.

Plan Ahead For Growth

Greenville's rapid development has put a strain on our infrastructure. Taxpayers can rest assured I’ll use my experience on Planning Commission to find a cohesive, sensible, long-term plan for land development and growth that nonetheless maintain our quality of life.

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